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What People Are Saying About Inspired Movement
"Where to begin? I can't say enough positive things about Inspired Movement. My daughters have been dancing for 5 years and I didn't know how amazingly perfect the experience could be until we came to this studio" Miss Jenna is super organized, and clearly passionate about what she does. It shines though with every fiber of her being. The entire staff is that way. The studio is clean, the environment is positive, the dancers are all happy and supportive. The technique training the children are gaining is top notch. And most of all the dancers are having fun! We are so happy we joined the Inspired movement family."
-Beth Lee
"Inspired Movement Dance and performing Arts has transformed into a state of the art facility. The studio not only educates kids of all ages the art of dance, but teaches this generation how to express their passion and love for the arts. I am honored to say we are a team player as well as a close dance family, and welcoming  new interested dancers daily. Director and studio owner Jenna Saylor is a young entrepreneur that encourages Inspired Movement dancers and staff to study through reknown specialist in their expertise. Thus, not only giving our students, but also our teachers challenging and new opportunities for amazing growth all year long. I see many more wonderful years and look forward to the outstanding training this studio has to offer us." 
-Michelle Romero 

"Our daughter has been dancing at IM for a little over a year now. We were at two other studios before this and she was almost to the point where she wanted to stop dancing altogether. Then we found IM. In just two months she went from, 'Okay, I'll try dancing again, but just one more class at this new studio,' to 'can I please add another class?!' Just one more class turned into a total of 7! She dances with a renewed grace, joy and confidence. The exponential growth in her skills, technique and performance as a dancer in just a year's time was astounding to watch. Jenna and her instructors have an amazing gift of reaching each dancer at his or her level and encouraging them to strive toward their very best. And best of all, it's fun! There is such a feeling of openness and community among the dancers. Our daughter begs to go early to class and stay afterwards just to be around the studio. Inspired Movement is very aptly named. Our dancer is inspired to dance, learn, grow and thrive!"


-Julie & Andrew Gardner




"Truly the best dance studio we have ever been too!! Absolutely amazing teachers, friendly, warm, loving environment! I feel so lucky that my daughters found such a fantastic studio to dance and grow!"


-Stacy Boodman




"Awesome studio - top notch teachers, perfect balance between 'love to dance' and 'inspired to be challenged' - I feel fortunate to have found such a place!!"


-Megan Yu 

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