Lori Headshot.jpg

Lori Budano

Lori dabbled in ballet as a teen but was really drawn back into the dance world after moving to San Diego in 2001. While attending a recital for her then 4 year old daughter, she was excited and intrigued to see adults performing as well! That fall she enrolled in dance classes and it was love at first step….she’s been dancing ever since! She finds ballet, hip-hop and jazz/lyrical/contemporary to be her favorite styles to do….in fact she is very proud to say she got her first pair of pointe shoes at age 50!


She enjoys watching tap and wishes she could do it but couldn’t get past the time step! She is also intrigued by dance styles that tell a story like West African dance and hula as well as partnered dance such as tango and other ballroom styles. She traveled to Cuba and was taught how to salsa and found it exhilarating!


Lori has 2 daughters and was lucky enough to dance with both of them when they were younger. Her daughter Lilly graduated from Boston University in 2019 and has decided to remain an East Coaster. Her younger daughter Nina is a sophomore at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. Keeping her company at home is her beloved Staffie dog Macy.


Born in late September, Lori is a Libra and by nature seeks balance and harmony.  Being able to see all sides of an issue is one of her best qualities. She has also completed mindfulness teacher training at The UCSD Center for Mindfulness and practices incorporating those skills into her daily life. 


Happy to be surrounded by the energy, dedication and enthusiasm of the dance world, Lori looks forward to using her talents to support the teachers, staff, students and families of Inspired Movement Dance.