Keoana Guevarra

Office Assistant

Keoana Guevarra began dancing at age three at Tony Salamat’s Dance Studio and carried it with her throughout her childhood. She trained in ballet, jazz, and lyrical styles. She was also on a competitive islander group called Imahen Tao Tao Tano, where they performed styles from Hawaii, New Zealand, Guam, and other Pacific Islands all around San Diego, including Pacific Islander festivals like PIFA. 


She found herself at dance competitions throughout her childhood, but did not find her true passion until high school where she was a part of the nationally awarded show choir, The Music Machine, at Bonita Vista High School. That is when she found her true love for not only singing and dancing, but performing. She traveled with this group to national competitions including FAME in Chicago, Illinois, and Nationals in Orlando. They swept competitions in all categories at FAME Hawaii and FAME New York during her four years with The Music Machine.


She has been a part of productions including Matilda, Willy Wonka Jr., Seussical the Musical, and Miss Saigon. She believes her early and heavy foundation in dance really helped her blossom in the performer she is today. During high school, Keoana took the crown as Miss. Salinas of Southern California 2014-2015 where she was able to help represent the Filipino community from San Diego all the way to Los Angeles.


More recently, Keoana has worked as a swim instructor for children as young as 5 months and worked with coaching young swimmers as well. She also worked as a “party princess” in the past as characters like Mulan and Moana. She finds so much joy and happiness working with children in any setting as she says, “they are the generation that will carry us when we are older.” 


Currently, Keoana is an environmental engineering student at San Diego State University. 


Not only has traditional dance, like ballet and jazz, been a big impact on Keoana but she also feels it is very important to embrace all cultures and their different dances as well. She urges all children and adults alike to find the joy in learning all varieties of dance!

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