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recital costumes


Time to add to the stardom! Whether it's distressed hip hop pants or glittery dresses, your dancers are gearing up for the show of the summer!

Costumes will be passed out in class through May. Each class will receive an email prior to class handout. This is based off when the costumes are shipped in, labeled and organized. 



Costumes are handed out in the last 10 minutes of class.
Try your costume on at the studio. If a different size is needed,
notify the front desk and return the costume folded in your labeled bag it was received in.

As notified on the recital form, we do not offer refunds or credit for costumes. 

For costumes that fit well, take home costumes and:

  • Remove from packages (unless garment bag) and hang up so it's not wrinkled on the big day.

  • Label all costume pieces with dancers first and last name so it's not confused with other identical items.

  • Ballet tutus should be hung upside down to help maintain shape.

  • Please, no playing in costumes. We want a clean, pristine and professional performance! Costumes shall be worn for recital purposes only. 

Costume Fees 

  • Costume Fees (per class)- $80.00

  • Not included- shoes and undergarments. Shoe requirements will be posted after costumes are ordered and will vary based on the costume.

  • Costumes must be paid in full by these dates in order for dancer to receive costume.

  • Recital and Costume fees are non-refundable.

  • Dancers with competition team routines only are still required to pay the recital fee ($95).

  • FREE recital t-shirt or tank with dancers names on the back!

  • FREE digital download of each show!

Thank you and we can't wait to see your star performance on stage!

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