Anjanae "AJ" Hassell

Hello, my name is Anjanaé “AJ” Hassell. I have been dancing for sixteen years. I started as a Majorette dancer at the age of two then moved onto Ballet Folkloric. I auditioned for a Hip Hop team and fell in love with Hip Hop. While studying Hip Hop, I stumbled upon Krumping. I completed most of my Hip Hop training at Culture Shock Dance Center of San Diego where I was on their Mighty and Future Shock Troupe. My Krump training started with Jr. Skullies Crew in 2015 and I transitioned onto Demolition Crew under the name of “Lady Projecc” in 2018. During my High School Senior Year, I was captain of Eastlake All Female. I led them to first place at the West Coast Elite Competition. During this time I was also training with Supremacy Dance Family under the direction of Davin Kibblewhite, Simone Swift and, Tony Quintero.

Over the years I have traveled the United States and competed in competitions such as Hip Hop International, KAR, Nexxus, Bridge, Vibe, Body Rock Jr. and, Prelude, just to name a few. I look forward to enriching your life with sharing my passion and love for dance.